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The internet is stuffed full of great resources & activities for kids, but there’s a danger they’ll find and do things which aren’t so wholesome. Here’s what you can do to keep your children safe online & block websites using the Avast Internet Security Antivirus.

The Avast antivirus has a very useful, but pretty unknown feature called Site Blocking. This feature will block any specified website, URL or page. So it can be used as a manual parental control. For example you can add adult keywords like “gambling” and Avast will automatically block all sites and pages containing “gambling” in the URL (e.g. but also Similarly, you can use Site Blocking to block time-wasters like Facebook or YouTube so you can focus on work. (P/S: it even allows you to block a specific channel on YouTube, for instance: or…)

[NOTE] Site Blocking doesn’t scan for the actual content of the site. So for example, if you enter keyword “ABC” the page or will be blocked, but will still load because the keyword is not present in the URL, while it is many times on the actual page.

While blocking certain websites is an option, it is but an extreme option and it would mean your kids opposing you, try these first:

  1. Educate them about the risk & dangers of the Internet and any data and information should not be shared to strangers online.
  2. Try placing the computer in a place where you can easily monitor your children’s web activity such as the living room.

If all else fails…Then try the Avast Internet Security Antivirus‘s Site Blocking feature using our 3-Step Guide below.

The software protects your PC from potential hackers and has been proven to negate many attacks from threats and it is also bundled with the Parental Control program which lets you block websites.


Install the Avast Internet Security 2016, when you’ve reached the final step of the installation, look for the Settings (gear button) located top right of the dashboard.

[Parental Control] How To Block Websites Using Avast Antivirus? - Step 1: Installation
Step 1: Installation » Settings


Once in the settings menu, click on the Active Protection Tab on your left and click into Web Shield Customize option (3rd option).

[Parental Control] How To Block Websites Using Avast Antivirus? - Step 2: Settings - Active Protection - Web Shield - Customize
Step 2: Settings » Active Protection » Web Shield » Customize


Go to Site Blocking tab on your left and tick “Enable site blocking” to enable Avast to block sites based on your keywords or specific web URL. You can also use wildcards so for example if you want to block any URL containing keyword “test” – add it as *test*.

[Parental Control] How To Block Websites Using Avast Antivirus? - Step 3: Enable site blocking
Step 3: Enable site blocking
Now, let’s test if the desired site is blocked. Open up your browser and enter the URL you wanted to be blocked. If you have setup the list correctly, you should get the message “Avast Web Shield Warning. SITE BLOCKED

[Parental Control] How To Block Websites Using Avast Antivirus? - Blocked

There you have it, a simple yet effective to prevent your kids safe from blocking certain websites using the Avast Antivirus.

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