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Since its’ official launch exactly a month ago, Pokemon GO has taken the Internet by storm, creating chaos around regions that have access to the game. Until today, Niantic (the company that releases Pokemon GO) has released the app to 53 countries worldwide and since then it has surpassed big players like Twitter and Facebook!

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Pokemon GO is an augmented reality (AR) game whereby players have to roam around in the streets or wherever there is a way to find different Pokemons. When found, they will have to capture them in the Poke Ball using their phone with a up-swiping motion. Pokemon GO leverages Google Maps as the navigation tool in the game allowing players to move around and identify where there are. People are now leaving their comfort of their home to walk, meet and play the game with others. News report that people have been making friends and even getting fitter as the game requires you to walk around in order to search for Pokemons.

So, why are we saying it is the next big thing? Take a look at our reasons below:

1) Virtual Reality

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According to Tsunekazu Ishihara, president and CEO of The Pokemon Company, “the idea of Pokemon GO is to develop a great game for mobile devices that express the core values of Pokemon and to help players discover the world and people around them.” This is where Virtual Reality comes into place (in the near future), by utilizing the app, people with a VR headset can look into the world of Pokemon in a different perspective. It feels like Pikachu is right in front of me!

2) Social Interaction (face-to-face)

People are actually getting on their feet and go outside in order to catch these Pokemons and according to a game developer, Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris said that, “By leveraging the game’s concept, Niantic should look into improving the social interaction within the game as a lot of social interactions are happening just around the game”. Strangers are seen grouping up together and actually hunt as a team or group and socializing.

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3) Education

The phenomena of Pokemon GO might have indirectly benefited children with autism and their teachers as well, according to specialists in the medical world. The game which has children to adults roaming outdoors to hunt for the mythical creatures is free-for-all. In a recent post by Education Week’s Digital Education blog, it has reported that the game’s concept and nature caught the eyes to some educators, who see opportunities to widen their students perspectives in subjects like social studies, local history, math, geography as well as literacy.

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What’s more is that education today is gradually moving onto the e-learning path where children are taught using the Internet and mobile devices will soon be a necessity to children living in hard to access places. Tablets will be a must have due to its sheer size.

‘Pokemon Go’ is helping kids with autism and Asperger’s

The game may also play a part in some special education classes; mainly for children with autism and the visually-simulating content of the game can be the encouragement children on the spectrum need to go out, explore and ultimately, to socializes and make friends.

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