There’s always something new in the world of technology and this includes the world of business printing as well. HP has introduced a series of small business inkjet printers and multifunction printers (MFP) that perform just as fast as a laser printer, the PageWide Pro.

HP PageWide Business Printer Series Printer
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To display just how fast can the HP’s new PageWide models can perform, we have taken the HP PageWide Pro 577dw MFP model for a spin.


If you are serious about your printing quality and prints a lot, the 577dw has a monthly duty cycle of up to 6,000 print volume. Weighing at an estimated of 22kgs, the printer has a big chassis. The main paper tray is capable of handling 500 sheets and accommodates paper sizes up to legal-size while a secondary tray serves other printing sizes such as envelopes or other inkjet specialty papers.

HP PageWide Business Printer Series Feeder
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In traditional inkjet printers, there is often a lot of noise coming from under the hood while it’s printing due to the printhead that moves back and forth across the page. However, expect a silent operation with the PageWide technology – the printhead goes all they across the paper which eliminates the noise created from the printing arm. This results in an increase in printing speed, quicker than most typical inkjets out in the market.

HP PageWide Business Printer Series System
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To further add to the benefits of the PageWide printers, typical inkjet printer cartridges generally carries a low page yield, and gives you not more than 3,000 pages. However, with the PageWide cartridges, you can expect color page yields from 3,000 pages and more while for black cartridge, you will have page yields from 3,500 pages. The cost-per-page is estimated at RM0.02 for black, and RM0.10 for color. As for the high yield cartridges, you can expect page yields of 13,000 for color printing and 17,000 for black.

As a Multifunction Printer, the 577dw has basically covered all functions including copying and scanning. The PageWide Pro 577dw is capable of scanning both sides of a document at the same time by feeding your document through the automatic document feeder. With this function, it will greatly reduce the time taken for scanning as you do not need to wait for the paper to be turned over again.

Overall, the PageWide Pro 577dw MFP is a very attractive printer that delivers on all cylinders. Graphics looked amazing, with detailed and rich colors and text looked sharp on plain A4 papers. While, it may perform on par with laser printers, inkjets however, couldn’t produce quite the razor-sharp edges on letter forms compared to the best laser printers. Nonetheless, by feeding third-party high quality inkjet paper will bring significant improvement, therefore it will not be a big deal.

HP PageWide Business Printer Series Overall
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The HP PageWide series printer is an amazing printer if you are willing to spend a little more considering its price tag is a little pricier than your average conventional inkjets. However, if you are looking for a workgroup printer, this is a printer not to be missed. HP claims that these models are manufactured to be very environmentally friendly and will generate roughly 10kgs of waste over its entire life course, while a typical laser printer can produce up to 90 kgs, an increase of almost a 100%.

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