While you have known recycling for as long as you can remember, or at least for the last 15 years or so, the chances are that you’ve become quite fond of these words popping up literally everywhere, from grocery bags to even your mattress.

In recent times, different colored recycle bins for plastics, paper and aluminium have been made available at shopping malls and public areas, while in certain housing estates, larger containers are provided. Why? Simple, it’s because through recycling and instilling environmental consciousness has become a way of life in many developed, first world countries, and Malaysia has been steadily growing towards the trend and these developments.

People Are Used To Be Environmentally Friendly

Flashback to the past, a time where recycling isn’t a fad just yet. Back then, no one had ever heard or known of this slogan. However in those days, we Malaysians like many other countries, were natural recyclers. Before the age of technology, people only consumed what they needed — there was no such thing as over-consumption. People shopped physically at local markets and goods were generally wrapped in newspaper. Plastic then, weren’t utilized as much as it’s expensive and wasn’t that common. Every household generated only a tiny amount of waste which are biodegradable, most of it anyways.

Recycling For The Goods Jars
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Today, unfortunately, the amount of garbage and waste generated per household and per individual has multiplied tremendously. All these wastage and garbage ends up in a massive dumpsite or landfills out of which mountains of non-biodegradable products arise. These dumping grounds directly contributes to water pollution when the liquid residue from these dumping sites enters into the groundwater.

The good thing is, eco-consciousness is growing rapidly in Malaysia, and responsible parties and the government have been making efforts and multi-million ringgit industries have sprung up around — such as newsprint recycling, moulded-pulp packaging, e-waste mining, and many more.

Of course, all of us would like play a part in the solution to the problem of excess waste. But there’s a catch, what if I told you, in the process of recycling, you can earn some cash as well? Wouldn’t that be more the tempting to recycle your used products? Here’re some tips on how to recycle your used and old products or you could even recycle your unwanted Christmas gifts.

Old Newspaper Man

Remember back in the late 90’s and the early 00’s when you can hear the ubiquitous Old Newspaper Man driving around housing estates, honking around or blasting a prerecorded voice through a loudspeaker installed on top of a van or a lorry? Well, this is the man to go to if you have old newspapers at your porch and you will get a small sum in return based on the weight or amount of newspapers you gave. While these men are showing up lesser these days, you can still spot them and they can now even collect glass bottles, cans and other items as well.

Recycling For The Goods Newspaper
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IPC Recycling Centre

If you have zero luck in spotting the Old Newspaper Man, you can always take your items to a recycling centre, yourself. Such recycling centre can be found when you Google it up, for example, IPC Recycling Centre — which will take your newspapers, books and magazines, cardboard, tins, aluminium cans and metal as well as plastic bottles. Yes, you would still get an amount of cash when you recycle, but be realistic, the amount you get isn’t gonna help you pay the price for your car or anything close to that! We’re talking about a miniscule sum here which could get you about RM10 or so.

Cash Converters

Now, if you want more cash from your recyclable items, you can try Cash Converters. According to its website, the company will accept electrical goods from your TVs to Hi-Fi, and sporting goods, clothes, books and magazines as well. Depending on the amount and items you put for recycling, both parties have to agree on a price, and once agreed, they will pay you the agreed sum for the items. Cash Converters has 8 stores in Malaysia, where you can find 6 in the Klang Valley itself — Taman Sea, Ampang, Klang, Sunway, Shah Alam, Selayang and Setapak.

Recycling IT Products

Recycling For The Goods IT Products

If you have used or old IT products such as, printers, old laptops or even used ink & toner cartridges, check us out. Just reach out to us and we’ll come and collect the items from you. For each item you trade in, depending on the value of the new item you select from our web store, you get a new one purchased, on a rebate model. For more information, do visit us here.

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The Benefits Of Recycling

As an activity, recycling may not be all that lucrative and attractive, but once you’re familiar with it, the benefits from it will amount to more than the small sums of cash. Remember, money is not everything and you should always remind yourself what’s the true objective you recycle in the first place, not to earn cash, but to save the earth, your life. Recycling activities can be rewarding and fulfilling to you, — to better your relationship with your family in a large scale recycling program and a better understanding in your community and most importantly, know the ways to save your planet.

Recycling For The Goods Landfills
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Also, if you have any junk or old furniture lying around collecting plankton, sell it to these secondhand furniture outlets all around Klang Valley as well. Depending on the condition of the product, you might just be rewarded with an unexpected sum.

Ultimately, while cash-generation will be ever present in most things you do in your life, the feel-good factor and collateral benefit of incorporating recycling in your daily life, no money can buy that.

So, do you or have you recycled? If not, start now and lets work together to leave the earth at a better state for younger generations and yourself too!