Chances are you have been printing for a lot. No matter what profession you are, you are bound to utilize the printer at some point. However, when you are printing, how much time do you actually take to consider the fonts that you will use and how will they be perceived by your viewers?

If you look at formal printed documents, there are only a few fonts being used, and most of them looked the same – this is because some fonts are only better or worse for your documents.

Regardless of your work, presentation plays a key role in appealing to your clients and catch their attention. This means that you must keep your printed materials by keeping in mind of user-readability. The right font will play a key role as well. Mistakes like using a difficult to read font, the wrong size, or too crowded, will very possibly drive your clients away and most of all, prevent them from understanding your message.

To prevent this from happening, we have provided some of the best and worst fonts you can utilize and prevent for your printed materials.

Best Fonts

Century Gothic

The Best And Worst Fonts For Printing CenturyGothic
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Neat yet easy to read, this sans serif font is a great choice for headlines and wouldn’t have problem viewed from a distance. The Century Gothic is a sleek, modern font which makes it a great choice to spot a professional appearance in your printed materials.


The Best And Worst Fonts For Printing Helvetica
Source: thayes31

Since its introduction in 1957, Helvetica has been one of the most commonly used font, becoming a favorite as well. It is clean, simple and easy to read. If your printed materials involve brochures or flyers with detailed information, the Helvetica is a great option. Even a number of top companies use Helvetica, such as Microsoft, Panasonice, Evian and Staples.


The Best And Worst Fonts For Printing Garamond
Source: prepressure

If you want more elegant in your documents, Garamond would be a great choice. This font is a serif font that offers elegance and readability, making it suitable for a variety of occasions. Serif fonts are generally agreed to be better for reading because of an invisible line formed which eyes can follow. Garamond has a sort of classic “feel” which makes it a popular font.

Worst Fonts

Comic Sans

The Best And Worst Fonts For Printing ComicSans

Although it is appealing to younger generations and is a widely popular choice in kids, it is actually a font almost every designer and professional firm tend to avoid. Comic sans can be hard to read at times and if colors are added to it, it will look a lot more like comic book fonts which leads to it not taken very seriously as a font.


The Best And Worst Fonts For Printing Impact
Source: vox

The font name says it all, to do just that… make an impact. Being a sans serif font, the impact is designed with ultra thick strokes and compressed letter structure which therefore making it very hard to make out and is a font generally avoided by majority of printing needs. Fun Fact: You can see Impact utilize in funny cat pictures and Internet memes, so you should probably ignroe this font unless you’re gonna make yourself a clown in a professional meeting.


The Best And Worst Fonts For Printing Papyrus
Source: thatjonjackson

Just Google “the worst fonts” and the font that tops the list would probably be Papyrus. This font is called “The King of bad fonts. Equal parts childish, kitschy and irritating”, by a designer. Just like the other two bad fonts above, Papyrus is a font that won’t be seen in the professional line. Papyrus is most commonly used in media, birthday cards and movie posters.

So now you get it, know your fonts and avoid bad fonts for your printed materials and nail that proposal or presentation. And what could a design be without being printed out? Check out these inkjet printers that will surely bring the best out of your design and most of all, wouldn’t cost a limb on the ink.

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