History Merges With The Present.

Letterpress printed by The Alphabet Press
Letterpress printed by The Alphabet Press

When was the last time you ever loved something — 3 months, 10 years, or more? What if we tell you there is a love that lasts as long as 565 years, dated back to the 1450s; would you believe that it’s still growing strong in today’s society?

It was Johannes Gutenberg who ingeniously invented the moveable type printing press. And it was about a few years back from now; The Alphabet Press (TAP) has fallen in love and engaged themselves fully in the revival of the old-fashioned and grandmotherly craft.

Print With Vintage Presses

The revival of letterpress is a painstaking effort.

Letterpress was the primary form of printing and communication. It’s the mother of all printing. It’s a technique of relief printing using printing presses. Back then, moveable types were being composed and locked into the bed of a press, inked, and pressed against a paper to transfer the ink from the type, which creates an impression on the paper.

This printing technique requires a high degree of craftsmanship and incredible amount of experienced skills. It’s undeniably a labour intensive and time consuming process. It’s challenging to print multiple colours because the printing presses can only print one colour at a time. However, an experienced printmaker can overcome most of these problems.

Malaysia deserves a great product that made with heart and soul.

Letterpress is ideally a craft that’s suited to produce beautiful paper stationeries. From the classic feel and finish of a 100% cotton paper, to the smell of the ink and down to the tactile touches, everything can be made to order based on your preference. Be it a business card, wedding and event invitation, tags, coasters or specialty packaging, TAP is able to guide you through the ins and outs in customising your personal letterpress. With passion intact, they solely believe in creating well-made stationery with ink and paper.

Towards the end of dawn-to-dusk fasting month is the festival of the breaking of the fast, also commonly known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri. It is a common scene to see city dwellers head back for their family home to spend time with family and friends. Home is where it all begins. I love seeing everyone gather around the table to dine, laugh, and share experiences together. There is a contagious optimism floating around the community and the feeling is wonderful.
Letterpress Card – “The Malay Kampung”

Letterpress Card - We All Make Beautiful Mistakes


It’s a notoriously labour intensive process but it adds an exceptionally gorgeous, unique touch to any printed goods.

They use 1960s German vintage presses to create beautiful indentation on premium paper. And as we all know, fine-looking things are born with a bit of work. Crafting letterpress requires intensive manual labour to craft each pieces, however, the result is exceptionally gorgeous. Enthusiastic and passionate in their letterpress field, they and eager in making your ideas into a reality. With positive growth and exposure, they are also keen in welcoming collaboration opportunities. Hence, this led to our collaboration with TAP.

A visit from the team behind TAP (from right: Cliff, Fidella and Zeejay)

With the invention of photopolymer plate, it widens up the creativity of letterpress printing. Creativity can run wild and imaginations can be brought into reality on paper. Through enormous hard work and craftsmanship, memories can now be crafted beautifully and delivered warmly to people that matters to you most.

“If you see how something is being made, you will understand its value” — TAP