Who doesn’t like travelling? Most of us travel just for the sake to visit unique places and meet different cultures. And there are times when we encounter random yet fantastic moments that we wish to swim in the memories forever. The one and only way to keep these memories from flowing is to freeze them. Fortunately with advancing technology, we can now able to accomplish this quite easily. As a matter of fact, modern lives are so well documented with tools such as Facebook that makes it’s easy to know what’s going on in the life of someone you haven’t seen for a long time.

Keep Journals/Write A Biography

Three Ways to Capture Memories Journal
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Who says only famous personality can write a biography? Everyone can and there are many precious relations, memories and seasons that could prove to be a wonderful addition in that record of yours. A laptop computer would be a great choice for such purposes or any other devices that can record or alternatively, a private online blog or memory book. A journal serves as a record book to capture different seasons of your life and the various emotional and mental journey you’ve been through and you can look back at it to reconcile the frozen piece of memory in that journal. Many well-written biographies with properly-defined timelines are always the choice for many.


Three Ways to Capture Memories Archive
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There are literally tons of photographers out there who will capture beautiful and meaningful moments like your birthdays, anniversaries and especially weddings at a price. Also, in these age we’re leaving in, most gadgets and devices will have good cameras if not fantastic that allows you to capture your memories. Like how you’ve been doing all this while since the introduction of cameras on phones, you create photo albums for storage which you will then sort out. If you have plenty of older hard copy photos, just bring them to any photography stores and get them converted for easier storage and safe keeping as well. There are hundreds of apps offering photo storage off-site which you can leverage with these Android phones.

Make A Video

Three Ways to Capture Memories Video
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Chances are that you have lots of movies or videos that can no longer be played or corrupted in the old format. Take them to your local store and have them converted from VCR to the latest format to safe-keep them. It is different from oral recordings, in that they are less officious and better in quality. It is generally advisable to put the job of recording to a skilled videographer, as they will do a better job in capturing the moments. Well-made videos will tend to connect easily to younger generations like how YouTubers do. Originality is what reach people the most – capture your precious memories with an action camera and prove that you actually ascend to the top of Mount Everest!

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