The days when businesses are conducted mainly with printed slides and a heavy laptop are rapidly dying out if not gone. In today’s business world, multi-million dollar businesses are simply conducted with a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. And this has resulted in most adults being glued to their phone all day; add in the kids’ chores and school projects, it would be a bliss to even find some time left for the day. Halting what you’ve been doing just to boot your computer up, locate the files, sending it to the printer and wasting precious time for the output, is disheartening. This is where a wireless printer are a godsend. It’s designed for busy, productive people in mind. Though these printers tend to be a tad it pricier upfront, it will be worth it in the long run.

Here are five reasons of the many reasons to consider when purchasing a wireless printer and why you should:

1. Networking

Top 5 Benefits of Wireless Printing Mobility
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Networking basically means connecting electronic devices to a printer. This is often done using several wires and cables which is an eyesore. The more users or devices, the more cables are needed to connect which will result in a tangled web of wires. This issue would be non-existent with wireless printers as it uses Wi-Fi for connection to any devices and multiple users. Lesser cables will mean lesser frustrations and lesser risk of tripping hazards and electrical fires. With a good Wi-Fi printer, anyone in the office can print without any hassle and be able to focus on other tasks at hand while waiting.

2. Mobility

A traditional printer requires you to be literally next to the it for the cables to reach both the printer and the devices; unless you have a pretty long network cable. With a wireless printer, you can use the printer virtually anywhere in the office as long as you are connected to the Wi-Fi and the printer network. Tend to your kids or take a nap, you can print your documents without getting close to the printer itself. The best wireless printer often have the capability to connect to any mobile devices.

3. Internet Printing

Top 5 Benefits of Wireless Printing Wireless Printing
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With the introduction of the Cloud and various online data storage centers, sharing documents between devices and other users has never been more easier. While traditional printers will need the documents to be downloaded to your device before it can be printed, wireless printers allows these documents to be printed directly from the Cloud without the need of downloading. You can literally do it anywhere, from in your car, or at the mall, your document will be ready and waiting once you get home.

4. Multifunction

Top 5 Benefits of Wireless Printing Printer Features
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Most printers in the market today often comes with multiple functions such as copying, scanning and faxing. By leveraging on a wireless printer, any documents copied, scanned or faxed can be directly sent to your mobile devices or vice versa. Some of these printers also comes built in with USB flash drives and email sending directly from the machine.

5. Cost

Much more expensive than their traditional counterparts, wireless printers are a major investment. This is even more so evident for wireless laser printers where the requirement for toner cartridges and drums are not at all cheap to replace. However, toner cartridges are much more durable and lasts longer than traditional ink cartridges; sometimes as much as 50,000 pages, before a replacement is needed. More often faster and more efficient than inkjet printers, laser printers do not need you to waste time waiting for the documents to be printed. Usually, the monthly duty cycle of wireless printers are in the tens of thousands, so you do not have to worry about these machines any time soon.

Twice the amount of work are done and allows clever multitasking skills, wireless laser printers are built just for that without the need to be continually connected to your desk. Above all, wireless printing will certainly give you more freedom to work comfortably and accomplish much more. Check out our wide range of wireless printers and find a printer that will meet all your printing needs below!