The cost of printing inks are taxing much more than expected and you are desperately trying to save whatever cost or last drops the cartridge can afford or you are looking for a printer to start? If so, you should definitely consider a printer that is built with a Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS). For those who doesn’t know, CISS is an inking system for inkjet printers that allows refilling of inks. In short, a CISS allows you to only buy external refillable ink and simply refill it into an emptied cartridge in the printer. It also ultimately, save your printing cost in the long run.

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It is one of the most effective ways to reduce printing cost, provided that you are using inkjet printers. The CISS is very beneficial to those whose work are frequently printing in large quantities. Generally, a CISS is made up of four colors – magenta, cyan, yellow and black, all in separate tanks which is the sole main reason why CISS is becoming widely popular and saves your printing cost. There is a main factor behind why the inks are separated into different tanks. This is because it allows you to refill only the emptied colored whenever needed. Unlike the norms where you have to change the whole cartridge because you couldn’t print red, and yet you are able to print yellow without a hitch.

The advantage of a Continuous Ink Supply System:

  • Unparalleled print quality stability
  • Reduced printing costs up to 30 – 50%
  • Increased printer performance
  • Increased printhead resource
  • Replace empty ink cartridge during printing process
  • Ability to refill different ink tank colors individually

Here are a few recommendation of printers that uses the CISS technology:

1. Brother DCP-J105 InkBenefit

Top 5 GENUINE CISS Printers Brother DCP-J105
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The Brother DCP-J105 InkBenefit is a multi-function printer that is mainly designed for home to small business use and is capable of a load of 100 papers at a time and handles 27/10 pages per minute (mono/color) print jobs. This printer is one of the best in saving your printing costs.

2. Brother DCP-T700W

Top 5 GENUINE CISS Printers Brother DCP-T7000W
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Save more with the Brother DCP-T700W. This piece of technology is essentially an upgrade from the Brother DCP-J105 with a smarter design and a tank system that offers ultra-high 6,000 page yield for mono printing. This printer is also capable of wireless connectivity and features a document feeder for seamless, fast printing.

3. Epson L805

Top 5 GENUINE CISS Printers Epson L805
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If you love printing photos, then the Epson L805 is just for you. It is ideal for photo printing and has a high capacity of ink tanks as well. This printer utilizes a kit of six Epson ink bottles that includes black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan and light magenta, offering excellent quality pictures. The ink kit is capable of printing up to 1,800, 10 x 15cm superior quality picture.

4. Epson L655 

Top 5 GENUINE CISS Printers Epson L655
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For long, Epson’s L series printers have always been the company’s high-capacity printing model with affordable cost. Equipped with Epson’s new Precision Core printhead which is normally found in premium models, the Epson L655 is capable of much faster print speeds and higher output quality up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi. The L655 also uses a pigment black ink that is water and smudge resistant.

5. Canon Pixma G3000

Top 5 GENUINE CISS Printers Canon G3000
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Most often when the words “inkjet printer” is mentioned, people will automatically spring their mind to Canon. Canon has been a dominating presence in the world of inkjet market around the world and they have recently released the Pixma G3000 wireless inkjet MFP.  Designed to fit in any office environment with its sleek matte black plastic chassis. The Pixma G3000 is designed for high volume printing and even supports multi channel printing. It can be also used as an access point in the absence of wireless router allowing a direct connection to be established to mobile devices and tablet PCs.

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