Since its introduction, Uber has been used growing gradually towards becoming the main sort of transportation to some and has even replaced cab services in some places. In its first major update since 2012, Uber has recently introduced new features that makes requesting a ride and getting picked up faster. Also, you’ll soon be able to request a ride directly to a friend’s location.

Travis Kalanick, CEO and founder of Uber told reporters the app updates are solely intended to save people’s time.

“A new system is needed to deal with a growing set of features that were piling up on an older design,” Kalanick said.

Turn Your Friend's Phones Into Destinations with Uber's New Features WhereTo
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For those of you who intend to travel to someone (yes, an actual person), not somewhere, Uber will now access your contacts and use a person’s location as a destination. All you have to do is type a person’s name into its “Where to?” search option and Uber automatically asks the friend for approval to share details about their location. The driver will then take you directly to your friend is located.

While the app already provides you with a cost estimate and the estimated timer of arrival, the update will also make more information readily available. First off, all details about the vehicle options will be pulled out by Uber – such as Uber X and Uber Pool, as well as pricing on the spot. If needed, riders will also be able to connect their mobile’s calendar to the app. A destination suggestion will be prompt whenever Uber notices an event coming up on the home screen.

Whats more – Uber, will suggest pickup areas designed for the quickest journey, even when you are in a tricky location that isn’t easily found. This feature will certainly help to avoid you spending more on making a phone call to the driver to settle on an alternative meeting spot or to guide the driver to your location.

Apart from that, the company is also rolling out a collection of entertainment integrations. If you are feeling hungry on route to your destination, you’ll be able to search for nearby restaurants from your destination with Yelp reviews, send a Snapchat with a unique Uber filter or even identify songs on Pandora – all doable directly within the Uber app. In addition, it’s also possible to order a meal via UberEats, the company’s own food delivery service.

Turn Your Friend's Phones Into Destinations with Uber's New Features Search
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You should expect these new features to roll out gradually or you may check on your existing app for any incoming updates. So for those of you who’s occasionally on Uber, start utilizing these amazing features when you’re on your next ride with your smartphone. Also check out some of these Android smartphones that’s capable of booking your next ride with Uber.

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