If you are a selfie fanatic or loves to just snap pictures wherever you go, the latest product from Google’s Android Experiments would be just the thing for you. Google Sprayscape is an app that lets you piece together a scene around you, through your phone’s camera.

Virtual World Collages: Google Sprayscape Sprayscape
Source: ibtimes

Like you would move around with your camera’s panorama mode, except it can take in parts from different locations, not just in one spot along a straight circular line. The results, amazingly cool.

Virtual World Collages: Google Sprayscape Collage1
Source: tnwcdn

Though to some the end result would look like a pile of puke barfed up from a nauseated camera, it is really astonishing. Users simple aim and shoot their camera. But here’s when it gets exciting, when they move the smartphone, the app automatically places the image in a virtual space like the scene where Doctor Strange bargained with Dormammu (spoiler alert). The app continues to do the same with the next image, and so forth, until the entire virtual area is filled. The end result would be a collage of photos you most recently taken.

Virtual World Collages: Google Sprayscape Collage2
Source: youtube

Excited? Yeah, but sorry iOS users, the app’s currently available only for Android users. Can’t wait for the launch on the Apple store? Well, take a look at these budget Androids and get your hands on the Sprayscape.

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