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Throughout the existence of mankind, various writing materials have been introduced through the ages but only one has become the most widely used across the globe, which is Paper. The one and only Paper, that is basically essential in every part of your life. Since it has become a natural part of our lives, we tend to neglect or forget how much are we relying on this irreplaceable, renewable source. Whether you are printing of someone’s work online for your assignment or simply writing a letter to your crush, paper is such a vital commodity to the world, it simply cannot be replaced, even with the introduction of the Internet and e‐book.

You were introduced to the paper at a young age and has since been incorporating it in your everyday task but, have you ever wondered how are they truly made? Your parents, teachers, friends have been telling you that the more paper you used, the more trees will be chopped down and hence, lesser oxygen, which is true, at some point. As a child, you would probably be frightened by it but as you grow older, you wonder how are paper still produced even though it resorts in trees to be cut down.

For each ream of paper which has 500 sheets of paper, 6% of a tree is used and the number adds up quick!

It is calculated that for each tree consumed, 16.67 reams or 8, 333.3 sheets of paper are made. If you are still lost in the calculations, below is a graph to help you gain a brief picture of paper usage in the U.S alone.

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There are many kinds of paper that are found in the market, from the weight of it, the quality of the tree it is made of, the environment it is processed in. Let’s say you are a writer that only demands high quality paper, you went to shop for paper and you may notice an “FSC Certified” stamp on the packaging of certain brands. “What does that stamp mean anyway”, you wondered?

This bring us to the main topic which we will be discussing, “What is FSC Certified paper”? FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an organization with the mission to introduce the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide. It is an international non‐profit forest certification and labelling system that was created to offer a single, easily recognizable label for wood and forest products to its consumers. Founded in 1993 to counter concerns regarding deforestation, the Forest Stewardship Council establishes the standards for forest products and solely certifies that all standards are met. After a brand is certified, it is then presented the label, acknowledging its qualification.

Having in mind the aim to redirect the industry of forest products towards more sustainable paths, the FSC was established in order to allow corporate buyers and the public to differentiate products coming from responsibly managed forests. Forests are inspected and certified based on the strict standards of FSC’s 10 Principles of Forest Stewardship

As of now, you are probably surprised or have no idea that in order to be a FSC‐Certified Paper, there are so many regulations and standards that have to be met and still does not know the existence of the FSC respectively. Let me just enlighten you with a few benefits of a FSC Certified Paper. You might have thought of FSC Certified Paper as a recycled product but no, it isn’t. This product is different from recycled paper because of it is typically composed of virgin tree fibers rather than pre‐ or post‐ consumer recycled materials (although recycled paper is sometimes also FSC‐Certified).

Out of all the existing forest certification system, FSC is the only system that protects rare and endangered forests and wildlife. FSC takes Peoples’ Rights seriously whereby they are also the only forest certification system that consults with local Aboriginal Peoples in order to protect their rights, both on public and private lands. Furthermore, FSC is recognize by major international groups including Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and many more as the only legitimate, and the most meticulous, forest certification system in the world.

There you have it, a brief explanation of what a FSC‐Certified product is about. Now, why should you purchase a FSC Certified Paper? Printers today now includes FSC Certified paper as an option for consumers with awareness to the environment. FSC Certified paper is a great alternative for SMEs’ or big organizations to rougher recycled paper as the quality of FSC Certified papers are almost similar both in smoothness and uniformness. Although with the usage of FSC Certified paper may increase costs by an estimated 20 percent, it doesn’t look like what it does. Many FSC Certified paper products are actually very similar in pricing to other paper products.

However, the FSC Certification system is not only limited to paper products. The FSC label is currently available in many products such as woods, furniture, writing equipment and many more. According to the website of FSC, in the UK alone, over 10,000 product lines are labelled by FSC from furniture to your toilet paper, charcoal, coffins and it can also be found on non‐timber forest products such as footballs and many more.

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