“First-aid” is the judgement and interventions that can be performed by a first aider
during an emergency with minimal equipment until appropriate medical personnel arrive. The
life of an injured or ill worker or member of the public within the proximity of an environment may depend on proper first-aid being given within the first few minutes of an accident or an illness to prevent the worst from happening.

What Should Be In A First-Aid Kit First Aid Kit
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Besides saving lives, first-aid treatment is essential in preventing further complications resulted from injuries and pain and in promoting recovery. It is equally as important for treatments on minor injuries such as burns, sprains, cuts, etc.

Now most probably, every workplace or building would have a first-aid kit/box, however, the contents inside it couldn’t be said the same. While you can find a first-aid kit almost everywhere, the chances of it containing necessary medical supplies is low mainly due to the negligence of the owner or employer of a certain workplace or building. Not having basic knowledge in first-aid is also another contributing factor to first-aid kits not having proper supplies.

Therefore, being well prepared is the key to success, be sure to equip yourself well with the challenges that lies ahead! Let’s understand what you need for your first aid kit below: