What’s the most frustrating thing on WhatsApp? The answer is most probably the lack of the video call function, as much as the app being used by close to a billion users worldwide. Now, you’re chatting with your friend over WhatsApp and the urge of you wanting to see him/her suddenly pops up and you immediately want to switch to a video call instead, but with another app. This is annoying yet troublesome and all this while, users like you and me have been dreading and praying for the company to release the much anticipated update on video calls and at last, our prayers have been answered.

At last!! The latest update by the company is gradually rolling out for all users across the various platforms according to the WhatsApp blog. Stay with us and read on on how to make WhatsApp video calls.

WhatsApp Video Call Has Finally Arrive! VideoCall
Source: androidauthority

Just like how you would make an audio call: simply open a call chat with a friend and select the Video Call option instead. Your friend will then also need to have his/her WhatsApp to support video calling for it to work or otherwise, you’ll be prompt with an error message.

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Once the call is initiated, you’ll be able to see and hear your friend. On first glance, the video quality looks promising on the Asus ZenFone Go.

Simply tap on the screen and you can access your message, for instance within the application itself, or even return the menu and continue your work while continuing your call. This goes without saying, if you do not keep the display of the call on the screen, the caller won’t be visible but only the audio is present. Just reopen the window, if you desire to see him/her again.

WhatsApp Video Call Has Finally Arrive! VideoCallImage
Source: telegraph

The latest update of WhatsApp version 2.16.318 is downloadable here. But you should be patient as the feature will eventually reach you, or simply go to your mobile app store to manually update as by now, the update would be rolled out to almost all users already. If your smartphone’s front camera is off an undesired quality, you should check out these awesome Android smartphones which will surely cater to your needs below.

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