The introduction of an 8-hour workday began between 1820 and 1840, during the British Industrial Revolution, and has remained the expected shift ever since. However, the traditional 9-to-5 shift might actually be having a harmful effect on your productivity.

Most companies believe that working longer hours will equal more productivity and efficiency in their workers, but as the dynamic of the work life shifts, that may no longer be the case. Working patterns and modern lifestyles have changed and evolved over time. Nowadays, it’s understood by many that an 8-hour shift can lead to exhaustion and poor engagement rather than increased productivity.

So, what might the best pattern be for working? The latest infographic from Podio looks at some of the great ways to work in today’s day and age. The best working pattern should involve the ability to plan your most demanding tasks for when you’re most productive and assertive and give you the opportunity to focus on one task at a time without the stress of multitasking.

If you’re feeling like the standard work routine isn’t getting the best out of you, then you need to have a look at the infographic below to learn about some alternative working patterns. This might help you to become your most productive self — including taking regular breaks to refresh your mind and splitting your day into different time windows.




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